Who, How, What and Why

Who are we?

Harvest Community School partners with parents by providing a spiritually sound and academically strong environment that challenges the student to excel in all areas. The emphasis on spiritual well-being is integrated into each day through Bible classes, discipleship opportunities, life-skills and interpersonal skills. Our goal is to graduate radical God followers who enter the community ready to change the world.

How are we organized?

Harvest high school classes run on a block schedule meeting Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. Block scheduling for most classes provides more time to offer hands-on, applicable exercises with extended classes and the opportunity to dual enroll with Florida State College at Jacksonville. Math classes are offered all four days as we have experienced higher retention when students attend math daily.

Students may chose our Honors graduation track and take all classes on the Harvest campus OR students may chose an accelerated dual enrollment track taking some classes on the Harvest campus and others on the FSCJ campus. The Harvest high school diploma requirements for the 2012 graduating class are as follows:

  • Four Bible credits
  • Four English credits
  • Four Math credits
  • Four Science credits; two with labs
  • Three History credits; World, American, American Gov’t and Economics
  • One PE / Health credit
  • One Fine or Performing Art credit
  • Two Foreign Language credits; same language
  • Three Academic elective credits
  • Three General elective credits

What are teacher qualifications?

All high school teachers are mature Christians whose first priority is to disciple the students, offering Biblical world view in all classes. The high school team instructs classes within their field, and most are certified or mastered in their subject.

Why Harvest?

Harvest is a community, partnering with parents to provide an environment where questions are encouraged and a passion to live life to the fullest is valued. We believe that Jesus Christ is the author of all things and the creator of all knowledge. We believe that God has given each student a different path and each child a different voice. Listening and encouraging rather than lecturing and mandating are important to us.