Harvest Lower School Educational and Developmental Philosophy

5thgrade-experienceThe Preparatory Years  {play, explore, nurture}

Kindergarten is a preparatory year at Harvest. These years are usually a child’s first introduction to school and formal learning. The goal is a secure and loving environment where children feel free to explore the world around them. Hands-on learning and constant interaction remind us that young children learn through play. A special emphasis is placed on instilling Biblical character and appropriate social skills.


The Foundational Years  {create, balance, grow}

First, Second, and Third Grade are the foundational years. During this time, the foundation for learning is established. It is important that children experience success in school to build their confidence. Learning is achieved in a variety of ways, and reading becomes a part of everyday life. A balance of work and play enables children to grow in important concepts while embracing their God-given creativity


The Transitional Years  {challenge, inspire, mature}

Fourth and Fifth Graders are beginning the transitional years. These students are preparing for adolescence by learning personal responsibility. They are inspired to dig deeper and accept the challenge to become the person that God has created them to be. An increased academic focus helps students to mature and look to the future with enthusiasm.