Upper School Honor Code

Harvest Community School
Student Honor Code & Commitment

Thank you so much for partnering with us at HCS. We believe that God has brought you here to be a part of our community and what He is doing here. In an effort to be united in our common purpose at HCS we would like for you to read and sign this Honor Code. In signing this commitment, you are pledging to live a godly life.

As a Christian, your life is always on display for all to see. We live on a stage and because of that, those both inside and outside the HCS community evaluate our witness. It is important that you understand the heart behind the rules that follow in this Honor Code. The heart is to live like Jesus, plain and simple. This means a life of integrity in everything from time management to your word. Keep this in mind as you read and sign this form.

I, ___________________________________ commit to the following:

I will:

  • give 100%
  • seek to be a man or woman of integrity
  • speak words of encouragement
  • stand against slander when some are speaking ill of others
  • support my God given authorities (parents, teachers, etc)
  • love others
  • have a positive attitude
  • be respectful of the property of the school, church and other people
  • chase after God in prayer, worship and life
  • allow the Holy Spirit to minister to and through me
  • be on time

I will not:

  • seek out or allow any romantic involvement on campus, including pairing off, physical contact, such as holding hands, lap sitting or hugs
  • use illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography or weapons

I will not:

  • complain or have a bad attitude
  • make fun of others
  • be rebellious, selfish or prideful
  • fight or use profane or offensive language
  • steal
  • engage in any form of bullying

Violation of the Honor Code and Commitment may result in a student infraction, being sent home or more serious consequences. For situations that do not result in immediate suspension or dismissal, the following will be followed:

  • possible Waning or Student Infraction
  • meeting with administrator/teacher
  • meeting with parents and member of HCS Administration

I have read the Honor Code and Commitment and I commit to follow everything stated above.

Student Signature: ______________________________________   Date: _______________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________   Date: _______________________