Parent Involvement

The Parent Experience

At Harvest Community School, parents are involved in their children’s education in a very real way. They teach their children from a prepared lesson plan two days a week, and are responsible for making sure all homeschool assignments are turned in on time.

In addition to homeschooling, we also expect parents to volunteer in the classroom as a “Parent Partner” once a month for a few hours. This helps parents become familiar with the other students in their children’s classrooms and our staff. It also helps the students understand the value of community, where everyone is a part of making things work.

We ask that parents attend a parenting class during their first year at Harvest. This class helps to communicate basic Biblical principles for raising children and offers support and encouragement to parents. It also communicates principles that we are regularly instilling in our students at Harvest, such as first time obedience and respect for authority, peers and property. Parents are also required to attend a Community Fellowship meeting two times a year where important information about our community is shared.

Parent Partners – Parents of Lower School students are asked to assist in the classroom approximately once per month.

Community Fellowships – There are two mandatory Community Fellowships per year.

Generations – Parents new to Harvest Community School are required to complete the Generations parenting course.