Third Grade

Third Grade is a fun-filled year of exciting academic and spiritual discovery!

Bible / Character – Students learn all about what it means to be a missionary – locally and globally. Throughout the year, they meet missionaries from around the world and discover that sometimes all it takes is a walk next door to tell someone about Jesus. Responsibility, Patience, Initiative, and Self-control are just a few of the character traits the students learn about and develop throughout the year.

Math – Multiplication, Multiplication, Multiplication! In Third Grade, students discover fun ways to learn their math facts and apply them to everyday life situations. Stop by and you just might catch them doing a “Math Wrap” or “Around the World.”

Grammar – The Shurley English curriculum solidifies the basic grammar concepts the students need to become great writers and readers. Students learn important grammar topics like: prepositional phrases, the eight parts of speech, helping verbs, and more!

Reading – Reading is so captivating in Third Grade! A blend of Bob Jones curriculum in the classroom and classic chapter books at home keeps reading exciting. From Mr. Popper’s Penguins to Charlotte’s Web, every story we read is enjoyable!

Writing – Students in Third Grade learn how to make their writing fantastic! They learn to use the writing process, self-evaluate their own work, dress it up with vibrant vocabulary, and become more confident in their writing.

Spelling – Students solidify their spelling abilities through weekly tests, daily activities, and the occasional FUN crossword puzzle.

Science – Our science curriculum, God’s Design for Life – The Human Body, is a phenomenal book that teaches the students to appreciate God’s most magnificent creation – man! Through hands-on activities, interesting articles and group discussions, the students soak up knowledge that equips them with a better understanding of who God is.

Social Studies – The most exciting subject in Third Grade – social studies is a blast! Students go on a journey and explore various countries and cultures during our unit, “God’s World of Wonders”. Each student creates their very own lapbook and uses their imagination to travel to every continent on the planet! Students are given the opportunity to see, taste, feel and hear as they learn all about other cultures in the world.