Student Experience

Middle School students attend school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. While in school they enjoy all the benefits of a private Christian school such as:

  • Advanced academic curriculum
  • Classroom structure with hands-on learning
  • Positive social interaction
  • Fun elective options

Middle School students continue their schoolwork at home on Thursdays and Fridays, following the detailed lesson plans provided by each teacher. Home school work is due each Monday and must be turned in on time. The only homework given in middle schools for math. In middle school, parents check their student’s math work with a solution’s book, offering students one opportunity to correct any problems missed. This is only way in which parents partner with teachers in the education of their children. Parents are also responsible for assisting their children as needed in the completion of their work.


Middle School electives follow an A/B schedule based on in-class days. Since students are placed into electives for the year, the rotating A/B schedule allows each student to choose two electives. Elective options may change each year, but are generally emailed to the Middle School students August so that families can begin making their decisions. Elective options currently include: Chorus, PAX (drama), Art, Beginning Computers, and Life Skills.

PE and Dance

Middle School girls will also be able to choose between PE or Dance during their last period of the day. Boys will all be placed in PE. Students in both classes dress out every day.